We help you recruit top talent in every industry amidst today’s tight talent supply

Providing next generation workforce solution

With a resurgent job market, demand for talent in specialised roles has surfaced gritty competition between employers seeking to quickly fill positions. But the lack of skilled, qualified talent is the biggest recruitment concern the majority of the companies are facing.

Our recruitment services help you hire the right talent with our onsite recruiters present in every vertical who have close to several years of staffing experience in various industries.

It’s no secret that multiple sectors are finding it difficult to hire the right candidates. Factors responsible for this include long-term skills shortages, but our services include providing the firms with tips and training that can help them stand out from their hiring competition.

Contract To Hire

The Contract-to-Hire or C2H service allows our clientele to test the candidate for a fixed period of time prior to making a long-term commitment.

This allows the employers to save money, time, and stress by contracting an employee for a short-time to see if the employee fits the role and company culture.Proadbot staffing solution specialises in offering services to companies looking to hire the right talent after serving a certain period to evaluate if an employee fits strategically in the long term.

Contract Staffing

With companies requiring contractors to add flexibility at one time or other on different projects across verticals, Proadbot staffing solution delivers relevant and high-quality contractors that help projects move forward faster.

Permanent Staffing

Proadbot staffing solution caters to a wide array of businesses of all shapes and stripes, matching the right talent with the right job requirement. Our bespoke staffing solutions and a knack for building enduring relationships has allowed us to build a steady supply of candidates and recruiters who do not shy away from coming back to us with their needs time and again.

We fulfil our client company’s permanent manpower requirements by sourcing the right talent that is required from anywhere in India with our extensive use of the established and vast networks and technology.

Connecting Workers to Businesses And Businesses To Profits

Understanding hiring relations is of utmost importance as hiring blindly can put a new burden on your HR operations that you may not have thought of. Here’s a quick employee classification guide for your reference.