Permanent Staffing

Proadbot staffing solution caters to a wide array of businesses of all shapes and stripes, matching the right talent with the right job requirement.

Proadbot staffing solution caters to a wide array of businesses of all shapes and stripes, matching the right talent with the right job requirement. Our bespoke staffing solutions and a knack for building enduring relationships has allowed us to build a steady supply of candidates and recruiters who do not shy away from coming back to us with their needs time and again.

We fulfil our client company’s permanent manpower requirements by sourcing the right talent that is required from anywhere in India with our extensive use of the established and vast networks and technology.


Our process is streamlined to decrease your workload, and help you find the candidate for the position with the best-suited capabilities, quickly and cost-effectively.


Our candidate sourcing technique includes a dedicated team of sourcing consultants that focus only on the initial acquisition of suitable and quality prospects.


We arrange for the interviews with the top notch candidates after a thorough process of screening, assessing and a background check.


Connecting Workers to Businesses And Businesses To Profits

Understanding hiring relations is of utmost importance as hiring blindly can put a new burden on your HR operations that you may not have thought of. Here’s a quick employee classification guide for your reference.

Understanding a W-2 Worker

A W2 relationship is where a person is hired as a contracted employee to work for an employer (typically through a staffing agency or recruitment firm). It can be said that a W-2 employee is someone who is gainfully employed for a full- or part-time position. The work hours are laid down by the company, training is provided by the company, the equipment is provided by the company, the workload is assigned by a supervisor, the worker is required to meet set standards, and the worker has a single employer.

Take aways

Analysis of W-2 Worker

A W2 contracted employee enjoys a regular payment either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The administrative paperwork is the responsibility of your employer as is training you to do your job, offering you the tools and equipment you need.

Understanding a Corp- to- Corp employee or C2C Employee

In a “Corp to Corp” relationship, one renders their services to a company through a corporation, a limited liability company, or s-corporation.

To break it down further, you (as the employee) are acting through a “corporation” and dealing with another corporation (therefore “corporation” to “corporation”). For an understanding in terms of commercial transaction, the service provider will provide services for the duration specified in the contract and for the agreed price.

Take aways

Analysis of W-2 Worker

Corp to Corp stands out and attracts working arrangements as one is not liable to pay self-employment tax and is entitled to small business retirement plans. While on the other side, setting up a corporation, LLC, or S-Corporation will cost you time and money to form and to maintain in good standing

Corp-to- Corp also attracts a lot of bookkeeping and administrative work.

Whether it is finding top talent or moving on to the next best job, we offer an array of solutions.