Contract To Hire

The Contract-to-Hire or C2H service allows our clientele to test the candidate for a fixed period of time prior to making a long-term commitment.

This allows the employers to save money, time, and stress by contracting an employee for a short-time to see if the employee fits the role and company culture.Proadbot staffing solution specialises in offering services to companies looking to hire the right talent after serving a certain period to evaluate if an employee fits strategically in the long term.

If they do, employers can easily hire them for the position and they are already trained! If employees are not the right fit or the position is no longer needed, the employer of the company will not have lost anything.

This process of finding the right talent for you is overlooked by our experienced recruiting team, saving your company valuable time and resources while optimising time to hire.
Likewise the advantage also extends to the candidate. Contract to Hire Staffing allows potential employees to experience the culture first hand and decide if the position is a good fit.



Access to right talents: As an emerging leader in Contract to Hire placement agency, Proadbot Staffing solution has access to a wide array of candidates and the expertise to ensure the right fit for your needs before you interview them.


Easy management: With us by your side, we handle the paperwork and any escalation related to the position and candidate while in their temp position, saving you a lot of time and paperwork.


Compliance: We run point in all the responsibilities related to hiring and the statutory compliance duties to lessen risk of any errors